Concrete GPR Scanning

concrete gpr scanning

 Patriot locates reinforcement and conduits within any existing concrete and masonry structures. Ground Penetrating Radar allows us to accurately locate post tension, rebar (single & multi-mat grids), conduits, determine grouted and ungrouted cells within CMU, and provide our clients with an approximate depth. With over 10,000 GPR scans performed Patriot offers unmatched skill and experience for any size project.  

  • Determine Concrete Thickness
  • Mark Rebar Spacing and Depth (single or Multimat)
  • Mark Post-tension Spacing and Depth (including severed cables)
  • Mark out Conduits Within Slab and Underneath
  • Void Detection (Size and Depth) Pools, Slab on Grade, Roadways, Sidewalks
  • Masonry Wall Scanning (Determine grouted cells and rebar placement)
  • Column and Footer Scanning 

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