There are no projects too large for Patriot Contracting Solutions.  We have the ability to perform in depth scanning and 3D imaging for large, multi-acre sites. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning can provide an accurate assessment of any left over debris, underground storage tanks (UST's), cisterns and septic systems, along with many other anomalies.  These anomalies can be marked real-time in the field so there is no delay on providing our clients with the results they need. 


  • Effectively Locate Underground Storage Tanks and Cisterns
  • Locate Tunnels or Other Underground Structures
  • Locate Non-Metallic Targets Such as PVC Pipes or Concrete Pipes
  • Locate Drain Tiles on Golf Courses Along With Irrigation Lines
  • Locate Trash Pits, Tires and other Hazardous Debris
  • Effective Tool For Archaeology and Cadaver Locating

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