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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use radar to see conduits in slab?

Yes, Ground Penetrating Radar  (GPR) be a very useful tool to mark out visible conduits within the slab for saw cutting or coring. 

Can Radar See through metal or Foam?

GPR is not able to see through metal or foam, it blocks the signal from penetrating the concrete. 

Can you locate empty conduit?

Yes we can locate empty conduits by deploying multiple different methods. Typically we use a camera or fish tape to locate the conduit.

Can you provide a depth of the utility?

Yes we can provide an approximate depth on all visible utilities we see. We want you to know everything about them!

What is your typical response time?

Typically we can dispatch within 24 hours from initial contact. If you are flexible on time we can make anything work!

Is Radar Safe to Use?

Ground Penetrating Radar scanning antennas and equipment is very safe. They do not emit harmful rays or sounds which allow us to scan safely on any site.